Friday, September 30, 2011

Rain, rain, go away!

Good grief, it's been raining so much around here these days I'm about ready to start building an ark.

Except the rain makes me want to sleep all day.

Hmm. Save the world two by two ... or take a really long nap. I think I'll take my chances that the water won't rise too much. And, well, I haven't gotten any messages from The Big Guy about gathering up the animals, have you?

But I gotta' do something today, even if it means dodging raindrops and fighting the wind to run a few errands.

When the weather gets like this my kids ask for comfort foods so I've been poring over my cookbooks and searching on-line for some yummy recipes to try. I'm also working on using up some of our stocked-up foods in the pantry and freezers and incorporating some tomatoes from my garden that have finally ripened.

Last night Rachel and I made mini quiches and I chopped up some tomato to include in mine (the kids don't care for tomatoes unless they're in a non-chunky sauce). I was a meanie and insisted everyone have spinach, though. Sam was elated. Rachel, not so much. But she enjoyed helping me cook.


I think I'll pick up some extra baking supplies today. I look forward to the house smelling like homemade bread ... cookies ... and who knows what else. Mmmm!
Happy Friday, all! Enjoy your weekend.

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