Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chillin' on a fall weekend.

It's Saturday. It's October. The sun is shining. And we have absolutely no commitments today.

I'm totally taking advantage of it and working my kids like new recruits.

Kidding! Kinda'. It took a bit to get them going, but eventually they realized I meant business and got their little buns to work. It's amazing what little effort it takes to clear some clutter and clean things up, but until then? It makes me crazy. There was a pile of shoes and boots and flip-flops and sand near the front door that made me grit my teeth every time I walked through there.

Did you see that? Boots and flip-flops. Yes, they were both worn in the same week.

I love Michigan.

I've been flipping between HGTV and The Food Network for inspiration today, and it sure makes me want to tackle a few DIY projects and spend some time in the kitchen, too. But I can't ignore the sunshine that is beckoning me to go outside and play after days upon days of rain. So I'm off to do a little cleanup in the yard and soak up some Vitamin D.

Enjoy your weekend!

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