Point A to Point B

Everyone has a story. I firmly believe it, and that's what led me to be a writer.

I'm great at helping other people tell their stories, and I really enjoy doing that. The irony here is it's difficult to tell my own. I've sat down a hundred times over the years to lay it all on the table. I've tried to approach it from different angles - funny, touching, straight-forward - and I realize that I can either leave out a bunch of details and just tell a great story, or I include all the details (and tell a great story) and take the time to write a book. And then who would want to read it?

Perhaps that's why I appreciate the blog platform; I can tell our story in bits and pieces, a little bit every day. That works for the current stuff anyway. But how we got from A to B? There's so much to tell.

I'll get there. In the meantime, this:

Steve and I went to school together. I was interested in him and let him know it. He was not interested in dating me and let me know it.

Then he graduated, and I still had one year of school left. Suddenly he decided he couldn't live without me.

(Hey, it's my story. But he would tell you that's actually pretty close to the truth.)

So he showed up at my house at 10 o'clock on a Sunday night and asked to see me. That was a great first impression on my dad.

Is this where I'm supposed to say "the rest is history?"

Umm, OK. A little more then.

I ditched the guy I was dating and started hanging out with Steve ... my dad (The Pipeline Boss) offered Steve a job on the other side of the state ... (do you see the foreshadowing here?) ... five years of dating/engagement ... married in spring of '98 ... baby boy in fall of '98 ... I graduated college in winter of '98 (big year!) ... bought a house summer of 2000 ... baby girl in winter of '02 ... lots of work, travel, life, growing and learning in the spaces in between, and since.

See? Doesn't it make you want to know about all the "in between" stuff?

I'll tell you what it makes me. It makes me exhausted!

No, not really. Well some of it, maybe, but mostly it makes me happy and proud and makes me fall in love all over again. By God's grace we'll have a lot more to tell before it's all said and done.

Keep checking back. Piece by piece, I'll get it written.