Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lots of leaves. No plumber.

So here I am with scaly skin waiting on the plumber who was supposed to be here to install our water softener yesterday. Way to feed the stereotype of Plumbers Who Never Show Up, eh?

Meh. It's fine. I'm just glad it was a simple human error (his, not mine) of writing the task on the wrong date instead of some really big problem. So he apologized and promised he'll be here this morning.

My crusty faucets and I are counting on it.

Meantime, some colorful pictures like *I* promised.

This is what I see outside my back door. Looks like a bowl of Fruit Loops.

My burning bush, relocated last year to somewhere it would get more sun.

Lots of variety here ... I believe some of the orange leaves are of a sassafras tree.

Bright red berries on a bush. These are everywhere.



 Pretty ...

 More yellow along the driveway. Lots of Popple trees.


 Pointy leaves of a Sumac. We have lots of these around here, too, and they provide SO much color through the fall.

I was trying to show the color of trees surrounding the house, but the blue sky kinda' takes center stage here.

 Still a few bright spots in the front yard.

Mums! Gotta get these in the ground so I can enjoy them next year.

And I couldn't resist a shot of Ladybug sacked out in the leaves. She was so content, I think if I hadn't walked over there to pet her she would've been covered in them before long.

Look - she already had a couple stuck to her chin. *snicker*

Happy Tuesday!

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