Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SPIDER! (**shudder**)

I am not a fan of spiders.

At. All.

I do, however, appreciate their handiwork.

Which is why I am willing to traipse through weeds as tall as I am to get THISCLOSE to a giant spider (and her mega web) to snap some photos of how said web caught the heavy dew this morning.

Pretty cool.

Yes, for the love of a good blog post I will now feel creepy crawlies all over my body for the remainder of the day, thankyouverymuch.


 Really. If I haven't lost you yet, you must click on one of these bad boys to enlarge it and get the full effect.

The whole web is about 2 feet across and is at about the height of my rib cage. (Ew. Can you imagine if I had walked into it? GAH!)
See the squiggly line coming down from the center? Google "writing spider" or "zipper spider" and you can learn all about this creature.

 Doesn't it just make you wanna' toss a moth in there?

No, I didn't.
'Cause if that sucker had moved I'da been screamin' like a banshee all the way back to the house.

Spiders: useful for eating bugs out of my yard, and for pretty pictures and fodder for my blog. That is all.


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