Thursday, September 8, 2011

Smiley Face Guys and other summer fun.

As I was downloading pictures from my camera and making some notes about all we did this summer, I ran across a few that made me laugh.

We spend a good amount of time at laundromats when we travel, and the best ones are those that have something to keep the kids busy while mama washes, dries and folds.

Well, at one of the cleanest and nicest laundromats I've ever used - in Belington, WV - I think Sam and Rachel nearly emptied out the gumball machine filled with these Smiley Face Guys. Lucky for me their cheap finds kept them occupied for days.

The kids even invited them to lunch.

 I guess they needed to wash down their chips.

Hot tub, anyone?

Ummmm ....

Just hangin' out.
Or perhaps saving the guy that fell off the picnic table.

 Workin' off all those chips.
I love the drill sergeant.

And I love how Sam and Rachel bantered back and forth as they were coming up with new activities for these guys. They totally cracked me up!

Good times, good times.

This reminds me, too, of something my mom told me after Sam and my nephew stayed with her for a few days. Nana has forever had this box of those little green plastic army guys, and every grandchild has played with them over the years. When Sam and D left after that week, my mom asked Sam if all the little army guys had been put back in the box and Sam said something to the effect of "well, they're all picked up" ... and then I can imagine the grin he must have had on his face. He told her she might never find all of them.

Well. For days mom was finding army guys in the silliest places. She'd open the medicine cabinet and find one hiding behind the face wash. She'd open a closet door and look up to see one pointing his gun at her from the shelf above. Heaven knows how many she has yet to find. I hope each one makes her smile.

Aren't kids grand? :)

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