Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Homegirl's been looking at dogs (and PUPPIES!) on 

Do you know what this means?

It means homegirl needs something to do. Divert her attention! Say "NO!" and redirect! (Yeah, like you would at a 2-yr-old reaching for the candle burning on the coffee table. Hot!)

Yes, exclamation points! Because it's urgent.

I go through this every few months. Those feelings of missing our old German Shepherd come back around and I start fawning over the sweet faces of those babies needing homes. That's how we got our Ladybug. We had been without a dog for about five months and it just wasn't the same around here. We are animal lovers and our house isn't full unless we have a few furry friends around. I saw Ladybug's face and those silly hound dog ears looking at me from the computer screen and I fell in love.

How could I not?

I'm certain she's a former coon hunter. She still would hunt if we asked her to (and does even when we wish she wouldn't). But overall, for the past three years she has been a great family dog. She still has terrible manners like stealing food off your plate if you walk away (and I'm still working on her), but she's great with the kids and the cats.

 They are obviously not bothered by the dog.

Though I'm slightly disturbed at how chunky Whiskers looks here. Obviously not her good side.

Anyway. I'm sleeping on the whole second dog thing. Again. I found listings (and pictures!) of another young hound dog and some puppies I would love to meet. And two gorgeous German Shepherds, but they're just far enough away that I'm not sure I want to make the drive. Oh, and the adoption fee for one of them is cah-ray-zee high. Which is probably a good thing because it makes me stop and think.

Seriously. What the heck am I doing looking at adoptable dogs? My heart turns to mush and I want all of them. But winter is coming and the last thing I want to do is house-train a dog in the cold. Again.

What's one more, though?

Eh. Twice the food. Twice the poop. Double the dog fur sticking to the baseboards. But it's so worth it, isn't it?

Ahhh, my eternal struggle. It's not like I have nothing else to do around here. I mean, did you read yesterday's post?

I'm backing away from the computer now. 

Slowly ... backing ... away ...

What? I am!

Going to snuggle my dog now. In all her bacon breath and gray chin glory. Mhmm. I'm gonna' enjoy the one I already have. And probably keep thinking about how she would luuurve another dog to play with.


  1. Didn't we go through this about the same time last year? I seem to remember a post about potty training in the snow....better check the archives!! :) You can babysit Carter during the day if you want another dog fix and a playmate for Bug :) LOL

  2. Haha! It must be something about this time of year. :)

    I should open a doggy daycare ... or a dog-walking service. Maybe then I'd have plenty of dog fixes but not have to take them home with me!