Monday, September 19, 2011

Someday when they have children ...

they will say, What do you mean you're bored?!?

When I was your age my mom kicked us outside and told us to FIND something to do. And we did!

And we were happy about it!

 Toys?!? We didn't have TOYS. We had sticks and rocks and snapping turtles!


They were better than all those crappy toys anyway.

 We played with them for hours. We even commandeered our mom's bird bath to make a pool for the turtles.

And we watched them swim. And they loved it. And we loved it.

But then we had to let the turtles go because we had to eat dinner and go to bed. 


Because we had to get up at 4 and walk the 20 miles to school. 



In the snow.

And we did it with smiles on our faces.

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  1. Oh Jen, yet again bringing a smile to my face!! Love it!!