Friday, September 2, 2011

Approaching a new year.

We were just coming to the end of our last big out-of-state vacay when I caught a blog post in my reader that made me smile. Tsh over at Simple Mom wrote about how the beginning of a new school year is like a Second New Year for parents.

As she often does, Tsh expertly put into words how I feel about the start of the school year. It's a time when I look forward to sharpening up (or reviving) our routines, doing more home-cookin' from scratch, waking up early to enjoy the quiet morning hours (OK, I know I'm not fooling anyone into thinking I actually get up early. Ha!), and enjoying the change in seasons when we swap out our shorts and t-shirts for jeans and sweaters.

Our kids start school on Tuesday. I already feel a bit behind the 8 Ball in a few areas - like, poor Rachel has a very limited wardrobe to get started with after a major growth spurt this summer. And I'm not really (not. at. all.) excited about having to set the alarm clock again. But in other ways I can't wait to get back to focusing on ... well ... focusing on us.

I could do without the inevitable battles over homework. I'm not so much a fan of some of the things my kids hear on the school bus. And our traveling to visit daddy is, of course, limited during the school year. But oh, I do love having the time during the day to do whatever needs doing - working on our budget, making appointments, creating meal plans, doing the grocery shopping, housekeeping, and little home improvements here and there. And sometimes? Whatever I want to do.

I won't lie. This has been the best summer ever with my kids, and for a while there I dreaded the thought of going back to early mornings and the whole day-to-day school thing. But these past few days I have come around and now I am so ready. The kids and I spend so much time together I will be happy to have the peace I crave during the day. I look forward to enjoying a morning cup of coffee on the patio in the cool air while I watch the sun come up. I'd like to spend a little time on myself again - exercising, writing, reading, DIYing, cooking/baking ... all the stuff that tends to get pushed aside when we're focusing on the kids and making sure they have a memorable summer.

We have a holiday weekend ahead of us. Steve will be home later tonight and we're sure going to enjoy the next three days as a family. And then? Diving right into a new school year. Happy Second New Year!

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