Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Could somebody help me out here?

Before I lose my ever-lovin' mind?!?

Ladybug tips her food dish over every time she eats. 

Every. Time.

See that? I hollered at her and she's all, "What? Can't a girl eat in peace?"

I thought maybe she was being picky and tipping the dish so she could eat her favorite pieces of kibble first, but she still tipped it when I fed her a different kind of food that all tastes the same. (At least it all looked the same. I didn't taste it.)

And she does eat all the food off the floor eventually, no matter what kind we give her, so it's not like she's refusing certain flavors.

I'm really getting annoyed with the sound of that metal dish clanging across the kitchen floor, not to mention stepping on random pieces of chow that manage to get kicked all over the house.

What is up with her? She's done this since we brought her home a year and a half ago.

Fortunately she doesn't do this with the water dish. But if I can't get her to stop I'm gonna' stick her food dish to the floor with poster putty.

Or maybe I'll eliminate the dish and start throwing the food at her. OUTSIDE.

Oh! Like spreading feed for chickens! That might not be so bad!

But seriously. I'm open to suggestions on how to get her to stop. Got any?


  1. In my experience with dogs, that can be quite normal. Some dogs are content with eating it from the dish, others make a mess out of it before they'll eat it. Seems to be dependent on the dog.

  2. Tristan use to take a mouthful of food then take it back to his bed..lay down and eat it. I feel your pain...its quite annoying.

  3. So you're telling me I have to put up with it, Scott? That's not helpful!! :D

    It wouldn't be so bad if she ate it all at once, but frequently she tips the whole thing and then eats only half before she gets distracted by something else. Like one of the kids dropping a jelly bean or somethin'.


  4. My dog does that as well...usually when we feed him in his crate. We purchased heavy ceramic bowls and now (maybe it is because he is a little dog) the bowl is too heavy for him to easily flip and it solved our problem! Good luck!