Sunday, May 16, 2010

Clean Slate Sunday: 5.16.10 edition

Here we are at the end of another busy weekend. How do they slip by so fast?

The weather was phenomenal this weekend. We got a ton of work done around our yard and at my in-laws' house next door. My body aches and I am dog tired, but it feels so good to have accomplished so much and to have spent some quality time with family.

I picked up a few flowers today to start adding some color to the house and yard. It was hard not to get too far ahead of myself; I still had vegetable plants on the deck that needed to be transferred into pots! And ooooooh, my mind is just racing with all the things I want to do outside this summer. I have quite a list going for the outside, and I still have to finish my list for inside! Ack! But I am looking forward to continuing the process of making improvements to our home, inside and out, and enjoying the work as I go.

One thing at a time. This might have to be my new mantra.

~ ~ ~

I had my first hummingbird spotting of the season this afternoon! I was just chatting with a lady at the farmer's market today about how neither of us had seen any hummingbirds yet this year, then I came home and hung up my new fuschia plant, walked away to get more plants to pot, and when I turned back around there was a hummingbird headed for that fuschia. It couldn't have been hanging there for more than a minute! Sweet.

I got some food mixed up and hung the hummingbird feeder next to the plant, too. At one point last summer I saw SIX hummingbirds flitting and buzzing around the feeder all at once. It was quite a sight. I'm looking forward to seeing them again.

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