Thursday, April 8, 2010

You had me at 'Free'.

I love you, Barnes & Noble. I loved you before, but my cup overfloweth when you sent me an e-mail alerting me of your on-line sale.

Buy two, get one free.

On bargain books.

With free shipping.

There is one thing on this earth I love more than a new book, and that is a new book purchased from the bargain bin and shipped right to my door. Heaven!

I suppose I could have ignored the e-mail like I do so many others from retailers, but summer is coming and I look forward to plucking a book from the stack on my way to the beach or on vacation. Even sitting outside on the deck, feet propped up, with a book on my knees is luxurious to me. I plan to do it a lot this summer.

So I bought six books - three hardcovers and three paperbacks - for $26 and change. That's basically the retail price of one current bestseller. And at less than $5 per book it's cheaper than a combo meal at Burger King and (depending on the company) much more entertaining.


  1. Shhhh.... this is dangerous information, Jen. I'm moving away from the computer before what I just read sinks into my brain and I start reaching for my wallet.

  2. Let me know how that one is Jen..I had it in my hand today but put it back and bought planters for the deck instead :)

  3. Oh..and remember...theres quite an extensive library around the corner if you ever need something to read :)

  4. Candy, would it help if I told you it has to be at least a $25 order to get the free shipping? No? Then back away, sister. Back away slowly ...

    I will certainly let you know, Bob. And girl, don't I know you've got enough books to keep us all in reading material for months! My trouble is I'm never without something to read ... I'm just getting the itch to expand my own library.