Sunday, April 25, 2010

Clean Slate Sunday: 4.25.10 edition

As I sit down to write this post the sun is finally making an appearance - or at least trying to - after a rainy, windy, chilly weekend, but I have absolutely no desire to go outside and enjoy it. I am just too doggone tired.

The bad news is the weekend has flown by. The good news is we packed a lot of great family time into it.

Friday evening the kids and I took my grandma out to dinner. It was so nice to visit with her. I stayed up late Friday night because Steve was on his way home for a visit. He got here a little after 1 a.m., and then of course we spent some time chatting and catching up.

Saturday we had a lazy morning, then Rachel and I attended a Mother Daughter Tea with her Girl Scout troop while Steve and Sam hung out in town and did some window shopping. We had dinner with Steve's family Saturday evening, then visited with friends and let the kids play until way past bedtime. We skipped church this morning in favor of sleeping in, had breakfast with the in-laws, came home to relax for a couple of hours, then Steve was off again around noon to head back to the job in PA.

My body is tired from an abundance of activity and lack of sleep, but my heart and soul feel refreshed and energized by the visit - albeit a short one - with Steve. It sure is hard to let him go when that time rolls around again.

As I do most Sunday evenings, I am looking to the week ahead and trying to plan at least some of my time so I don't get halfway through the week and look around and wonder what I've been doing with my days. It never ceases to amaze me how much work there is to do, whether it is the everyday housework or yet another project waiting to be completed.

My list for this week is already pretty lengthy, so I think I'm going to quit adding things to it and set it aside until morning. My list for this evening is pretty short, though: feed the troops, enjoy some down time, and get us all to bed at a decent hour.

If it were just me I'd go to bed right now and sleep all night, but somehow I don't think the kids would appreciate that.

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