Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What makes you feel rich?

What real, tangible thing makes you feel like you've made it? Like you're living the high life?

For me, a couple of things come to mind: being able to go to the grocery store and get everything on my list - and maybe even a few extras - knowing that I have plenty of cash in my wallet to cover it. That, and paying bills as soon as they come in the mail.

There are other things that remind me we have a good life, sure. But nothing else makes me feel the way I feel when I can mark off every item on my shopping list without having to worry about what it all costs. Oh, I'm always aware of how much I'm spending and I always shop frugally, but to me there is a huge difference between having to count every penny as I drop items into my cart and not having to.

What makes you feel rich? What makes you feel like life is good?

Have you ever thought about it? There is no right or wrong answer. It's just a thought-provoking discussion I've had with friends. I was reminded of that discussion this week as I pushed a cartload of groceries out of the store to my truck and it felt ... just ... good.

What makes you feel secure? What thing or action outside of family and friends and relationships and love - because hopefully we all have those - makes you rest easy knowing that everything is OK, at least for today?


  1. I'd have to agree with the grocery thing..I feel the same way about that...I'd also have to say for me its our savings account and retirement fund too :)

  2. I feel like I've made when I buy a frame for a picture. I knew I'd entered adulthood when I stopped hanging unframed posters on my walls and I still get a smug feeling when I purchase a nice frame.

  3. Oh yes, definitely something to be said for money in the bank, Bobbi.

    Sarah, that seriously made me laugh out loud! I love it.

  4. Oh, yeah I get that with the groceries too. And actually with the pictures in frames thing. I don't think I have many nice frames, but I no longer have bare walls or posters and it makes a huge difference in the feel of the place.

    The main thing for me is having time with my family without having to battle that throat closing feeling of having to run, run, run to get to some unclear goal on the horizon. When that feeling diminished, the richness that is my life blossomed.