Sunday, April 18, 2010

Clean Slate Sunday: 4.18.10 edition

I am so ready for summer break.

It happens every year about this time. All at once I get tired of making lunches for the kids for school, I get tired of waking them up every morning so they can get ready and catch the bus, and I get sick of checking backpacks and signing notes and making sure homework is done.

I just want to sleep in on a Wednesday morning. I want the kids to get their own breakfast. Even if it's Ritz crackers and root beer. I want to let them stay up later in the evening without thinking about the struggles it might cause the next morning.

Consistently warm weather and picnics at the beach sound really good right now. Sunshine and sand and the smell of SPF 30.

Camping. Bonfires. Barbecues. S'mores.

Swimming. Lounging. Fishing.

I'm ready.

Interestingly, while Rachel was at her Girl Scout meeting this afternoon I had some time to browse the sets of patio furniture and the few annual flowers that are out in the stores and I kept thinking, I'm not ready. I'm caught somewhere between wanting a slower pace for all of us for a while and racing against the clock to get everything done that I want done before the school year ends. That can be a recipe for some serious anxiety.

So this week will be all about taking things one step at a time and being happy with whatever progress I make each day. That's it. No pressure. Just forward motion and positive vibes.

Forward motion.

Positive vibes.

Ready? Go.


  1. Totally understand what you're feelin..right there with you...don't be a stranger..come on over and visit...been awhile since we talked.

  2. Thank you, Bobbi. :) We definitely should get together sometime soon.