Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clean Slate Sunday: 4.11.10 edition

Wow. What a beautiful Sunday. Both the kids were gone overnight, so I woke up to a quiet house. Got up and had a leisurely breakfast. Did some writing.

I really love my kids, but I also really appreciate waking up peacefully and in my own time instead of a) to an alarm clock, or b) to kids screaming "MOM!! He stole the remote from me!" or "MOM? Can I play a game on your computer?"

It was a gorgeous day from beginning to end, from the morning hours when the dog and I took our stroll and I chuckled at the dew dripping off her nose, to the evening when the kids and I enjoyed dinner sitting outside with my in-laws and watching the sun go down.

Life is good.

While I think of the week ahead and try to make a mental to-do list for myself, I am preoccupied by thoughts of a good friend who is struggling right now. I don't know every detail, but I know God does. I frequently stop to pray for her and hope that God, the world, her family, whoever she needs to, will offer her a clean slate. And I hope she allows that and embraces it and knows that she is loved.

Sometimes we need to go back to step one. Start at the bottom and work our way up again. Ground zero. Repair the foundation.

Wipe the slate clean.

May the week ahead be filled with blessings.

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