Friday, February 19, 2010

Where have all the paperclips gone?

I was just saying to The Mister this morning that I felt like going on a shopping spree. It must be the sunshine causing me to want to spruce things up around the house because this is a bit unusual for me; I'm not much of a shopper just for shopping's sake. Besides, I know a shopping spree of any sort just isn't in the budget right now, and that is fine with me. That is, it was fine with me until I realized that someone has been messing with my office supplies.

I started gathering all of our income tax paperwork to drop off at the accountant's office, and I could not find a paperclip in this house to save my life. Not one. I found a few of those binder clip thingies, but that wasn't what I wanted. All I wanted was one stinkin' paperclip so all those papers could slide nicely into an envelope.

Pens? Pencils? Gazillions of them. Highlighters? More than we will ever use. Rubber bands, erasers, and Sharpies, even. And by some blessed miracle there are even staples in the stapler. But no flippin' paperclips. I resorted to the smallest binder clip thingy I could find.

I also printed out some "Lost Dog" fliers the kids and I made up last night. I intended to stop a few places and hang them up while I was out running errands. Oh, by the way, we're on our last 10 or 12 sheets of printer paper. What?!? I bought a ream of paper (500 sheets!) a year ago and I've printed maybe 50 pages since then. Apparently I need to keep the white, unlined paper in a different drawer.

I figured it might be easier on store clerks if I had my own tape and/or tacks to hang up these fliers, so off I went in search of both. Another miracle: I find not one, but two rolls of Scotch tape in the drawer where they belong. The tacks? Behold:
What the heck am I supposed to do with these? They look like a thumbtack version of A Chorus Line!

I'm pretty sure I know how they got that way and it has everything to do with a little boy and a hammer. I don't really care. What I can't figure out, though, is why they ended up back in the box. Ah well. I did find a few undamaged ones. I guess I'll have to hide those, too.


  1. Wanna know why they ended up back in the box? For the same reason my hubby puts dead batteries back in the drawer...because he can!

  2. Ooooh yeah, I do love me some Staples! I guess that would be the one place I could truly wander around and shop all day.

    ROFL @ Leanne! So, so true.