Sunday, February 7, 2010

Clean Slate Sunday: 2.7.10 edition

How can it be Sunday again already? It feels like the past week flew by and here we are ready to start all over again.

We enjoyed this weekend with Steve and even got a bonus round with him - another afternoon, another dinner, another round of goodnight kisses - as about the time he was gearing up to get ready to leave he got a call that his crew wouldn't be working Monday. While he was here in Michigan enjoying the sunshine, a storm was piling up enough snow in Pennsylvania to shut down the job. It will be nice to have Steve sleeping next to me for one more night, and waking up with him in the morning.

Other positive points this past week:
1. Sam received a glowing report from his teachers. We had set up a time when Sam and I could meet with his teachers and principal to assess how he has been doing in school in various areas - turning in homework, staying on task in the classroom, attitude, respect, etc. We have all been pushing him to do better in all of these areas because he doesn't have a whole lot of motivation otherwise. They tell me that in the past couple of weeks he has been doing wonderfully. I was so proud of Sam and told him so. It was just awesome that he could then tell daddy face-to-face about the good report when Steve got home.

2. The kids played together. Outside. Most of the day. They needed to blow off some steam this morning and I finally forced them outside. They got all dressed up in their winter gear and went off on an adventure together. We had to call them inside so we could go to town to run some errands, and the moment we got back they put their snowpants and boots back on and went out until I called them in just before dark. Most of the time we couldn't see them, but they are old enough that I trust they will be fine. Occasionally I open the door and listen for them; as long as they are within earshot I let them play. I adore days like this. Any time I see or hear the kids playing together - even if they appear to be plotting against me - I rejoice that they have found a way to stop picking at each other long enough to work toward a common goal.

My guess is the week ahead will fly by just as quickly as this past week did. The kids have Valentine's Day parties at school before they have a couple of days off for mid-winter break. That gives us an opportunity to head east to see Steve and show the kids the area where he has been working. I'm looking forward to it.

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