Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pop quiz.

1. When you ask me what I am making for dinner and I tell you and you respond, "Eww, gross. I'm not eating that," what do you get for dinner?
a) a double helping of whatever I am making
b) whatever you make for yourself
c) a knuckle sandwich

2. When you get off the school bus and hand me a piece of paper that says you have been misbehaving (again) and you are not allowed to ride the bus for three days (again), what is your punishment?
a) manual labor every day after school until bedtime
b) the honor of doing every rotten chore in the house to earn the gas money for me to drive you to school and pick you up for the next three days
c) you stay home from school until you can ride the bus again

3. When you have a book report due two days from now and you aren't finished reading the book yet, what should you do?
a) think about thinking about it tomorrow
b) turn off all electronics to eliminate distraction so you can finish reading the book tonight
c) do other things that look much more important than reading, like finding something for dinner

4) When I tell you to clear off this table because everything on it belongs to you and none of it belongs on the table, how long should you wait to clear off the table?
a) forever
b) as long as possible before mom's face turns red
c) wait? why would I wait? I do as I am told when I am told to do it

5) If you drop something on the kitchen floor, what do you do?
a) pick it up
b) blame your sibling and suggest he/she should pick it up
c) walk away, perhaps stepping on or kicking the dropped item in the process

This is an open book quiz and all material has been covered in class multiple times. A perfect score will earn you the right to stay up a half hour later than usual to watch your choice of programs on television. Anywhere from one to five incorrect answers may result in mom going on strike and the house being taken over by flying monkeys. There are no retakes.


  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!! That's great! I think you should acutally give him (I am assuming here...) the quiz!

  2. Oh it's not just one of them! Where's my Calgon?!?