Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh coffee, how I love thee.

I have never been a big coffee drinker. At least not in the sense that I can't function in the morning before my first cup, or even that I have to have coffee every day.

Oh, I love coffee in any form. Strong and black. Flavored or with creamer. Caffeinated, decaf or half-caff. Hot, iced or blended. I'll even drink the last sip at the bottom of the cup after it's gone cold. And I love the smell of a freshly-opened container of coffee grounds. But I'm just not one to head for the coffee pot first thing in the morning.

Until this week.

The past few mornings I have been brewing coffee while I make the kids' lunches for school. You'd think I found a miracle drug or the fountain of youth or something. I remember when I first started my career as a journalist and had to be in the newsroom at what felt like the most ungodly hour in the morning. I started drinking coffee just because it was there. After about the first two weeks I said to myself, "so this is why people drink coffee!" It warmed me up on those cold December mornings and kept me alert enough to do a phone interview and type up notes at the same time. Here it is 10 years later and I have said it again. "Oh yeah! This is why people drink coffee!" I had three cups yesterday morning and I got more done around the house in one day than I have in the past three weeks.

OK, maybe my industriousness has more to do with the excitement over knowing that my hubby will be home this weekend, but the coffee couldn't have hurt!


  1. Welcome to my world Jen - I AM one of those people that is only half alive until I have that first cup in the morning.

  2. Oh yeah, I know you love your coffee, Bobbi! I really shouldn't get in this habit ... I do NOT need another vice. :)

  3. There are many worse vices Jen :) Enjoy :)We all deserve as much pleasure in the mornings as we can get right?