Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A glimpse at daddy's office.

These pictures are a little dark because it was a cloudy day anyway and we went out at dusk. But the kids got a good look at where Steve has been working, and that was pretty cool. I feel like such a goofball because we were so impressed with the scenery. What can I say? Michigan just doesn't have hills like these.

On the way to the job site. See the hills in the distance? Beautiful.

This is why they ask all those questions when you buy life insurance. What's that? NO, I would never go sky diving! That's crazy! My job? Oh, I dig around pipelines filled with explosive materials. And in my spare time I'm a firefighter. What? 

It's hard to capture the grade of these hills, but rest assured, they're steep. And Steve gets to hike up and down them. A lot. 

Occasionally he'll climb it with the truck, but sometimes that's just not safe.

Sideboom: a piece of equipment somewhat unique to pipelaying.
Sam, doing what Sam does. Throwing things.

Rachel looks so tiny, doesn't she? 

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