Monday, February 22, 2010

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

I love that Depression-era mantra. It has become my go-to phrase when I start to feel like it's time to upgrade or replace something around the house. I always ask myself whether that thing really needs to be upgraded or replaced, or if I'm just getting bored looking at it. Perhaps I think it will be easier to use a newer one with more options, or I'm just plain tired of that missing button or broken handle, even though those things don't affect the item's usefulness.

Generally I find that I can get by with what we have. Sometimes I can find an acceptable alternative or substitute. But for certain things it's a good idea to just give in and replace them when it becomes obvious they need replacing, like my makeup (which is probably radioactive by now, and that's just unhealthy), or my socks (some of which are so threadbare they are beyond darning).

Or my son's shoes.
An excellent example of "wear it out," don't you think? Those are his fingers sticking through the holes. They've been worn out for a while, apparently. He made sure to tell me that repeatedly as we were shopping for new shoes yesterday. Hmph. Well thanks, kid. I guess I just couldn't see your nasty shoes through my crusty old mascara.

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