Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random thoughts for a Thursday.

Did I forget to mention? Steve is home for the rest of the week. He left PA on Tuesday after yet another wicked snowstorm blew in causing the job to be shut down. Work will hopefully start up again on Monday. Check that. Just got a call that it will start up on Saturday. So much for enjoying the weekend with him. But you won't hear complaints from me. No work = no paycheck.

I was up most of the night last night praying and watching for the dog to come home. She didn't. I'm sorta' numb about this. I'm angry at myself, annoyed with the dog, sad for the kids. OK, maybe "numb" wasn't quite the word I was looking for. Maybe it's "paralyzed." Because I just don't know what to do. I at least called animal control and left a message in case anyone drops her off or calls to report they have her.

Random photo of an old stump in the back yard. Cool, isn't it? I love the twisty-turny patterns of the wood. I'm sure there is some great comparison to be made here about how it represents life in the bumps and lines and rough patches and varying colors from light to dark. Or maybe it's just a really neat stump that I'd like to plant a garden around someday.

It's a beautiful day today. Every time I step outside (hoping to hear the jingle of the dog's tags) I am warmed by the sun and I can hear birds singing like it's spring! It always amazes me how blue skies and a sunny day can boost my motivation to get some work done around the house. Well that, and the fact that I don't have any clean jeans.

I miss having a Starbucks nearby. Yes, I know it's expensive. No, I don't drink plain ol' coffee when I go there. Starbucks is a treat for me so I usually order a mocha or a frappuccino and make it totally worth it. I drank three frappuccinos over last weekend: one on the drive to PA, one while we were there, and one on the drive home. Oh, and on the drive home? I broke my own rule about never ordering "venti" anything from Starbucks. And lemme tell ya, that's a lot of frappuccino. It got me through the last six hours of the drive, though. Muah.

Lent, Day Two. Am I being tested? I did say I would spend more time with the kids. Guess what offers the perfect opportunity for spending more time with the kids? Losing a family pet. But guess what the stress of losing a pet does? Makes me want to eat everything in the house. Lord have mercy.

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