Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Protip: Textured appliances are a no-no.

I want to know what idiot at GE designed this surface-like-elephant-skin refrigerator. A man, probably. Or a woman who has never had children or cleaned a textured surface. I hope they got fired.

Yes, we bought the thing. But I will claim ignorance, as I only knew it was white like we wanted and a side-by-side like we wanted when we ordered it. Who really gives much thought to the refrigerator when you're buying a house? As long as it keeps things cold and the freezer keeps things frozen and it's the color we want, who cares?

I care now. I cared this morning when I was scrubbing orange polka dots off the side of said fridge and wondering when we last ate or drank anything orange. Kool-Aid? Jell-O? I'm just going to lie to myself and say that somebody spilled their Orange Crush last week and never cleaned it up. Work with me here. Because if I really think about orange Kool-Aid it takes me back to about ... oh ... August. And I'm just not ready to reveal to the world that I haven't wiped down the side of my fridge in six months.

Well. There you go.

I don't remember the last time I wiped down the cupboard doors in the kitchen either, but that got done today, too. It would have gone a little longer if I hadn't sat down on Rachel's step stool in the middle of the kitchen floor during a rather lengthy phone call yesterday. Let's just say I should look around from that vantage point more often. Eww.

So, I believe my spring cleaning kick has officially begun. At this rate if I keep moving through each room of the house I'll be done by the time spring is actually here and then I can go outside and play! I can't help but feel pretty good about myself, too, because a clean and orderly house is proof that I actually do something during the day while my husband is off working to allow me the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom. Steve doesn't give a flying leap about the house as long as I'm here when he comes home, but I sure enjoy being with him a lot more when I'm not distracted by those piles of paper on the dining room table and those cobwebs up in the corner.

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