Monday, March 5, 2012

Some days are better ... and goofier ... than others.

Today was much better than yesterday.

I woke up at 5:30 feeling rested.

We made it out the door on time to catch the school bus.

I had a relatively productive day at home.

I even got a little nap in. With the animals.

They kill me with the cute, these two.

This evening I got a great report from Rachel's teacher at our parent-teacher conference.

Then Rach and I picked up a pizza on the way home. While we waited for our pizza Rachel asked for a quarter for a gumball machine.

Did you know you can get a mustache from a gumball machine?

Oh my gosh. The girl had me in stitches on the way home. We're talking the full-on, I probably shouldn't have been laughing so hard while I was driving kind of stitches.

I said, "Please take a picture of yourself so I can put it on my blog."

She laughed that nervous laugh.

And then she twisted her face up and took a bunch of pictures.

So I guess she's OK with the world seeing her goofiness.

Which is good. 'Cause there's enough goofy to go around.

 Thank God for good days and goofy kids.

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