Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's been pretty quiet here this week. The kids are on spring break and we don't have anything going on. Well, we have plenty to do, but not really any commitments, if that makes sense.

We've visited with friends, slept in, chilled out, and generally enjoyed having some time with Steve home. Sam stayed the night with my folks last night, which gave me and Rachel a chance to have a date night with daddy. The three of us went to the movies. This afternoon we took Rachel to my mom and dad's and brought Sam home and now he and Steve are duking it out on the PS3. I'm thinking it's a good time for me to settle in with a book and something hot to drink, as the summer-like weather we had a week ago has turned back to something a little more typical (read: COLD).

Steve is preparing this week to start his new job on Monday - he's had some work done on his truck, took a drug test, is working through some on-line training courses, and has a stack of paperwork to fill out. He'll also be loading up the travel trailer and taking that when he leaves Sunday. Hooray for the end of hotel season!

It's been so nice having Steve here. I say the same thing every time we're together as a family, and it's true. I appreciate our time together more than ever. This last stint with him working in Pennsylvania was tough for all of us. Steve was in an area with really crappy cell phone coverage and there were days when we didn't talk at all because of it. What makes this crazy lifestyle of ours bearable is technology - the ability to be in constant contact with each other through phone calls, texts, e-mails. When we don't have that, it's tough. And the distance ... well, it's not like we can take a quick weekend trip to see daddy when he's a 12-hour drive away. Starting next week he'll be in southern Michigan, much closer to home, and I can't tell you how excited I am about that. I can't wait for summer.

Even though we have nothing on the schedule the week seems to be flying by, as it always does when our time with daddy is limited. Tonight I'm just gonna' settle in and enjoy, and try not to think too much about next week when we'll all be back to the grind.

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