Sunday, March 11, 2012

Clean Slate Sunday: 3.11.12 edition.

It's been an absolutely beautiful day today. Our thermometer read 66 degrees when we got home from all our activities this afternoon and I quickly dumped the shopping bags on the floor and pushed all the south-facing windows open to let the breeze roll through. It felt soooo good.

Now it's getting into evening and cooling off a bit but I've still got those windows cracked open so I can enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of the outdoors. I love this time of year. Not necessarily "mid-March" but the time of year when the temps start rising and the snow is mostly gone and the birds sing all day long - whatever time of year that turns out to be.

Oh, make no mistake. I despise losing that hour of sleep when we switch back to Daylight Saving Time. But sunny days and the kids playing outside all afternoon and the grill on the patio calling my name? This makes me happy.

While Sam was in a class at church today Rachel and I ran a couple of errands. I stopped at one store to pick up a refill for the cat scratcher, but before we made it to the pet section waaay in the back I had to stroll through the gardening supplies.

Be still my heart. So many colorful pieces to add to my decor, indoors or out. Even the houseplants grabbed my attention ... anything to freshen things up a bit. And every time I reached for something, that girl of mine would whisper, "Cat scratcher, mom. Cat scratcher!"

I have trained her well not to deviate from The List. Little stinker.

That's ok. I gave her some ideas for Mother's Day gifts. *ahem*

Anywho, Clean Slate Sunday is all about wrapping up one week and preparing for another, which is what I will spend the rest of the evening doing: last week's laundry, yesterday's dishes, making a meal plan for the week and a list for Tuesday's grocery shopping.

Oh, the excitement. But I do love this life of mine.

And as is par for the course for the Pipe Lifers, change is afoot. Because how would we function without things being shaken up a bit now and then? No worries, it's all good. Details soon ... stay tuned!

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