Friday, January 15, 2010


Great news!

Steve will be home for a very short visit this weekend.

Apparently his crew gets an occasional weekend off and this weekend is one of them. His plan is to head home when he gets done with work today. It's about a nine-hour drive, so he'll be home late tonight and he'll have to leave again Sunday afternoon.

It seems like such a quick turnaround might not be worth the time and money, but it's better than the alternative: two lonely days in a hotel room, and spending money on three squares a day and to wash his laundry. This way I can do his laundry for free, the kids get to give daddy a hug and hear about his new job, and Steve gets to relax in his own home for a little while.

We haven't said anything to the kids. They're gonna' FLIP. OUT!

I can't wait.

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