Friday, January 29, 2010

Cabin Fever

I got lost in blog world yesterday. I started reading one blog I visit regularly, then made the mistake of clicking on a link from that blog to another blog, and that began an hours-long reading fest as I discovered ideas for decorating on a budget, creating the ultimate food storage pantry, and living a very full, very simple life.

But what really sucked me in were the posts about gardening.

I've had a bout of cabin fever lately. When that happens I usually turn to the latest seed catalog for inspiration or start to plan the rows in my summer garden. But I haven't received any seed catalogs in the mail yet, and I am still a bit conflicted over whether I will plant much this year, if anything at all.

Seriously. "Conflicted" isn't even a strong enough word.

We don't know where Steve will be working this summer. Right now he is in Pennsylvania but he could be anywhere by spring. If he's outside the state of Michigan Wait. No matter where he is, I would love for me and the kids to be able to stay with him as much as possible.

On one hand, we would all be eating dinners together and the kids (and I) would have the chance to explore new places during the day and see daddy every night. It won't be too many years before they won't be interested in spending summers in some strange place away from their friends.

On the other hand, no garden means no walking outside to pick fresh tomatoes and cilantro and jalapenos for pico de gallo, and certainly no overabundance of veggies at the end of the summer for freezing and canning. This has become important to me as a) we have moved toward becoming more self-reliant so that, say, in the case of a lengthy layoff, we could eat from the food we have stored up, and b) the garden has become my sanctuary. It's not always pretty, but I can't think of a time when I didn't feel physically and emotionally uplifted after spending an hour weeding, hoeing and harvesting.

It might be time to start researching creative container gardens. I can see it now, all lined up along the side of our travel trailer. It would certainly be smaller than what I have at home, but then it might be a way to have the best of both worlds. Definitely something to think about.


  1. I am jealous of your blog girl. You say things much better than I do.

    I have began to get a few seed catalogs in and alittle planning...but last year I planned to early. It made me itch longer to get outside. So this year I am waiting till March to start looking.

  2. You keep up on that blog, H! You just have a different way of capturing things, but I enjoy reading it and so will others.

    I planned and started my seeds way early last year, too. And then it stayed too cold to plant anything outside for quite a while. I sure learned a lot, though!

  3. I learned alot too....the vast difference in climate alone was an adjustment. :)

    But also I am just not a natural at the growing stuff...I love doing it...just not habitually. Apparently, gardens need care every day.

  4. Heather - you keep going with that blog!

    Jen, my dad and step-mom used to camp in a campground that had alot of seasonal campers and there were several there that had nice little gardens so it's definitely do-able!

    I've also seen alot of campers sell some of their garden stuff (corn, cukes, etc.) to other campers so maybe this could be a little side job for you!