Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a trip! Washington DC, Part I

Today: photos.

  George, our tour guide.

 National Museum of American History

 Girl Scout display at the NMAH

 Entry to one of my favorite displays - The Star Spangled Banner.
(You can't take pictures inside.)

 Dorothy's ruby slippers!

The National Museum of Natural History

The Old Post Office - where we ate lunch.

 Tower view of the Capitol building (from the Old Post Office).

 Tower view of the Washington Monument.

Cool rooftop gardens.

FBI. Need I say more?

 Ford's Theatre, where Abraham Lincoln was shot ...
(We didn't go in, just saw it from the street.)

 And the Petersen House (across the street) where Lincoln died.

~ ~ ~

 Korean War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

 View of the Washington Monument from Lincoln Memorial. The reflecting pool was empty as it is being reconstructed. Still a beautiful view!

 Lincoln Memorial = BIG. Huge!

 Vietnam Memorial

 WWII Memorial

The White House!

Girl Scouts' 100th Anniversary - Rock The Mall Event

It was so hot they brought out a fire truck, opened a hydrant and sprayed water for hours to cool people off.

The last place we visited before we left was Arlington National Cemetery.

 The changing of the guards at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldiers.

The Kennedy family's eternal flame.

Tomorrow (or ... whenever): our favorite memories from the trip.


  1. This is amazing Jen....great pictures...you two witnessed a lot over those few days...what an awesome trip.

  2. Part two, part two, still waiting for part two!! Loved this, such great pictures and memories for you.