Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More of the same. And we're packing!

Not much new to report here at the Pipe Life Household. Just more of the same: repeating myself 42 times to the kids in the morning to get them up, dressed, fed, and to the school bus. Picking asparagus with the neighbors until I think I might be permanently hunched over, and I know I have a fabulous farmer's tan. Staring at piles of laundry in all stages in the living room - needing washing, washed but needing to be folded, folded and needing to be put away. Repeating myself 28 times to the kids telling them to put their laundry away.

Ya' know ... the usual.

The good news is the school morning routine will be over for the summer after tomorrow. School isn't technically out until Thursday, but Rachel and I are leaving Thursday for a trip to Washington, DC, with the Girl Scouts (more about that tomorrow!) and Sam is serving the second day of his two-day suspension from school that day. Yes, I think the principal probably realizes this is not really a punishment for Sam to get out of school a day early, but the alternative would have been to have him miss more class time immediately after the bone-headed thing he did to deserve said discipline a couple weeks ago. At this point I don't really care; I just want the school year to be over so we can all take a break.

So while I was on the phone with Steve this evening I glanced at the calendar to get a feel for how the next few weeks will shake out. June is a whirlwind. If I can get through tomorrow it should be relatively smooth sailing, though. Tomorrow I need to finish packing for the trip, I'm picking asparagus in the afternoon, then I have a last-minute church council meeting at 8 p.m. While Rach and I are in DC Sam will be staying with my mom. We will get back really late (like, after midnight) Sunday night, then Rachel - bless her heart - begins a 4-day basketball camp at 9:30 Monday morning. (My apologies to the coach and all his helpers. I promise to try to get her to sleep as much as possible on the bus ride home.) By Friday the 15th I will be more than ready to go spend a few days with Steve, but we have to be back for various appointments during that next week, a can't-miss graduation open house on Saturday the 23rd, then Sam leaves for church camp on Sunday the 24th ... and geez, I better double check exactly when he'll be home because we have our annual summer gathering at my uncle's lake house on Saturday the 30th.

And that's the end of June. Ack!

I need to get myself out of the frame-of-mind that "as soon as such-and-such is over then we can enjoy the summer" and just enjoy every possible second. I have been spending lots of time on the patio, sometimes just a few minutes at a time, but it's amazing what a few minutes of just sitting, watching and listening to the birds can do for the soul. And I wander around the yard, do a little weeding in the gardens and take stock of how things are growing.

Gosh, for having "nothing new" going on I sure found plenty to tell y'all about, huh? And now that I have it all written here I feel a little calmer about the next few days. If I could just get caught up on that laundry ... but for now I need to get myself to bed so I can rest up for a busy day tomorrow. Goodnight!

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