Monday, June 13, 2011

Let the vacationing begin!

It's late and I should be catching some zzz's but I'm too cranked up on caffeine to even think about sleep right now. We're heading to West Virginia in the morning and I just can't leave without taking care of a few loose ends here at home.

I finally had to tell the kids to stop whatever they were doing and go to bed. The two of them getting a good night of sleep is more important to me than leaving at my target time of 7 a.m. If they take a little more time to finish packing in the morning I'm fine with that as long as they have slept for several hours which will help keep the griping and groaning to a minimum. They didn't need any caffeine tonight; I think they're pretty excited about visiting daddy and seeing their WV friends again.

So while I wait for the laundry to finish up I'm sorting through papers on my desk, making sure bills are paid, and thanking God that we have family who are willing to house- and pet-sit while we are gone. I so appreciate knowing everything is taken care of at home and I am free to relax and enjoy myself and time with my husband and kids.

We just have to get there first.

It's about a 10-hour drive with a couple of quick pit stops along the way. I am not excited about the drive. And I don't usually mind driving, but that's a long haul and I've done it enough times to know there is no way to make it faster or easier. The best thing about it is the end, where Steve and our comfy trailer and beds will be waiting for us.

I can't wait.

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