Saturday, March 20, 2010

You might be a redneck if ...

... you use an empty cat litter bucket to mix up mortar for your floor tile.

Ya' think?

Or maybe using the cat litter bucket just means you're frugal and didn't have another bucket handy.

Here's the really cool part, though: the bucket, the mortar, the trowel, and the backerboard all represent the completion (or is it continuation?) of a home improvement project begun ... oh ... six-ish years ago.

Six. Years.

I guess I might be jumping the gun on that "completion" part. But continuation is good!

The kids and I are making the final preparations on the floor this weekend, then my wonderfully helpful future sister-in-law will be helping me set the tiles sometime in the next few days. Our front room, where our old dog obliterated the original beige carpeting, will finally have new flooring. We have been living with the cement backerboard for ages. The backerboard which the kids colored all over with markers. The backerboard which has gone from sort of gray like cement to sort of permadirty because you can't really mop that stuff. The backerboard which I grew tired of about five years ago and have been trying to keep covered with as many rugs as possible.

Can you tell I'm excited to get this job done?

God willing, I will have an update and some fabulous before and after photos sometime next week. Then we can finally call this project complete!


  1. I got in trouble for recycling the cat litter tubs! Apparently they are useful for lots of stuff. And my husband grew up in Manhattan so maybe it's not a "redneck" thing! :-)

  2. LOL! They are incredibly useful! My husband has a bunch of ice fishing stuff in one, and I saw on another blog a few years ago where someone used several to grow her tomato plants in on her porch. Now ... she was truly being frugal, but out here I'm pretty sure that would look way too redneck on my front porch!