Friday, March 5, 2010

This is why we can't have a hamster.

Because it would get lost in this mess and die and start to stink.

But the stench might kinda' blend in with the preteen boy's room.

Look. There are things I don't kid about and this is one of them. When I say my children's rooms are so disastrous I trip over things every night when I go to tuck them in, I'm not exaggerating. (I did say this to someone recently so I'm just providing proof.)

And seriously, this is why we can't own any animals smaller than cats. If you look really closely on the right-hand side of that pinkish pic up top you can probably spot Whiskers The Cat curled up on Rachel's bed.

So guess what we're doing this weekend?

Hint: we're not getting a hamster.


  1. My husband is a picker upper and in my living area, I'm glad he does it. I just throw stuff in their rooms and close the door. :-) Of course, once they're old enough to have smelly clothes and have friends over, I suppose I might care more!

  2. I totally know how you feel!! My daughter's room gets like that too and I'm surprised I've never seriously injured myself! f/k/a gatorknight

  3. Cammie, I am the only picker-upper around here. I figure if I take care of the rest of the house, the kids should be able to handle their rooms, right?

    Actually, they look terrible but they really don't have that much stuff - just small rooms - so it doesn't take long at all to clean. :)