Sunday, October 14, 2012

Clean Slate Sunday: 10.14.12 edition

I have just a few minutes before the clothes washer will ding-dong its little song at me, then I'll swap the clothes into the dryer and crawl under the covers ... maybe watch some TV, maybe just enjoy the quiet of the house and drift off to sleep.

We had a busy (and fun) weekend and now Steve is safely back at his home away from home. He will be headed back to work tomorrow morning as I'm getting the kids rolling for another week of school and whatever activities they have going on. It's what we do.

This afternoon before Steve left I wasn't feeling so great about going it alone for one more stinking week. And once he was gone, the kids and I had a rough start to our evening - everybody was a little edgy - but by God's grace I had a burst of energy that helped me take back control of the house and complete a few tasks (and delegate others) to help us get ready for the week ahead. Everybody went to bed with full bellies, everybody will have clean clothes when they leave the house in the morning, and we have a plan for a smooth start to our day tomorrow. Here's hoping.

Have I mentioned how much I love Sunday nights? Maybe a time or two, eh? Tonight is a perfect example of why: I'm sitting here on my big, comfy bed with one dog and one kitty curled up next to me. I'm listening to the rain outside the window which I've left open just enough to let the cool breeze come in. My children are in bed (read: quiet). I have prepared the kitchen for morning, and I finally have some time to digest some of the lesson from church this morning. I feel loved. Safe. Content in this moment. I have done everything I can or want to do for the day, so it's time to rest.

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