Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's our anniversary!

He sent me roses! *swoon*

Fourteen years ago today it was much warmer outside.

It got so warm, in fact, that the white tulips in my bouquet opened so wide they didn't look like tulips anymore.

I didn't care. I was gettin' married.

Steve and I had our first date in June of '93 ... so altogether 19 years we've been together. It's funny now to think about how long we dated before he proposed to me. Five years felt like eternity! And now here we are.

So how have we lasted this long?

Off the top of my head ... love beyond measure. Forgiveness. Grace. Laughter. Trust. Encouragement. Leaning on God and each other.

And Steve's favorite: COMMUNICATION! *wink*

Marriage is awesome. Sometimes it's more work than it seems like it should be, but that's ok. Every storm we have weathered together has made us stronger as a couple, and as a family. Steve is my best friend. He makes me feel like a princess. I'm still so much in love with him, and looking forward to holding his hand as we grow old together.

Happy anniversary, baby.

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