Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catching up ...

Ha! Oops. I had a Clean Slate Sunday post started to tell y'all what a nice day I had and to wish all the mamas out there a happy Mother's Day, but I never got it finished or posted.

I think I went to bed early Sunday night. I know I went to bed early last night. Something about all the fresh air I've been getting, and all the manual labor - between gardening and tinkering around the yard at home and picking asparagus with the neighbors - my days have been full and I've been lucky to get the kids tucked in before I fall asleep myself.

But I did have a nice Mother's Day. And I hope all the moms, grandmas, aunts, and honorary mamas and caregivers out there did, too. Today, as my gift to my mom, I took her to lunch and then we went and got pedicures. It was a fun afternoon. It was also my first professional pedicure, and danged if I didn't smudge it by the time I got home. Pfft! But it was so worth it. I may never paint my own toenails again.

Bright toes ... flowers in bloom ... butterflies flitting around the yard all day ... summer is definitely on the way. I'm ready. This morning I sat outside, soaked up some sun and chatted for a couple hours with a dear friend. This afternoon Rachel helped me plant green beans (her favorite!) in the garden. The sky is starting to rumble ... rain is on it's way. These are the days I love.

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