Thursday, May 5, 2011

A list.

Because I like lists. And I'm feeling very ADD this morning with my brain being pulled in about a bazillion different directions.

OK, maybe just 50 different directions, but that's still too many for one person, isn't it?

1. YAY for clean hot water! We had our water heater replaced yesterday. Steve and I had been discussing what to do with the water heater situation because a) ours was 11 years old and we had never done a thing with it in terms of maintenance and that was beginning to give me a very bad feeling, and b) in the midst of this conversation the hot water from every tap in the house started smelling like rotten eggs. Yeah. Not so great for showering in. Thank God we live in a part of the world where clean water - and hot water on demand - are a normal part of everyday life.

2. I am ready for this school year to be done. Kaput. In the books. Over and out.

3. We have barn swallows living in the cross posts of our clothesline. This is a bad thing in so many ways, except for this morning when I saw them dive-bombing Patch the Kitty. Funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Because Patch, of course, was doing somersaults in the air trying to catch those birds. I'm hoping I can get some of that on video before I ... ahem ... "take care of" the birds.

4. Everything is greenin' up! We don't have much of a lawn, but every day I walk around and check out the places I planted my clearance perennials last fall and most of them are popping up and looking quite healthy! My hosta plants are beginning to make an appearance, and spring wildflowers that have been creeping into the yard over the years are providing some color. This makes me very happy.

5. It's time to do our annual spring yard cleanup before people start asking if we're running a flea market.

6. Steve has been wrestling with some frustrations at work since the day he went back. I feel for him. I can't do much more than listen to him vent about it and encourage him and pray for God's guidance, so that's what I do. And I try to tell him often how much I adore and respect him for all he does for our family.

7. I can't wait for garage sale season to get started around these parts because I'm in the mood for some thrifty shopping. And can I just say? Shopping at someone else's garage sale is much more fun than managing your own. We've got a big one coming up at grandma's house and I'm wondering what I had been drinking the day I offered to take that on.

8. Rachel finished her book for the Young Authors competition this week. It's called "My Dad" and she used a bunch of family pictures in it and wrote a sweet story. It's really nice. But I'm afraid this poor girl has inherited some of her mama's perfectionism. It came out guns ablazin' when she asked me for help with the book. Eeek.

9. I want chocolate.

10. I should really try to remember to turn the thermostat down when I sleep with a bedroom window open. Especially when it's going to get down to 30 degrees outside overnight. Oops. I guess I get demerits on my frugalista card. What? I wanted to listen to the crickets.

11. Twice now in recent days I've discovered a raccoon munching away underneath my bird feeder just after dusk. I can't tell you how tempting it is to RELEASE THE HOUND! I totally would if it didn't mean I'd have to go find the hound after she treed the stupid coon. I just pray I never look out there and see a freakin' bear.

Pffft. Well that list didn't help clear my brain fog at all. Maybe I need more coffee.

Or less coffee.

Or a walk outside in the sunshine. 'cept I'll have to wear a helmet for fear of those angry birds.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, y'all. Make it a great day!

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  1. Oh, good idea! I need to make some lists. I've been so frazzled. A good list always helps to calm me. :0)