Monday, May 23, 2011

Here we go AGAIN!

What a crazy few days it's been.

The kids and I went to visit Steve over the weekend which was absolutely wonderful because he was staying at a campground we are familiar with and we had a great time.

Sam found the new rope swing ...

Rachel was in heaven with the petting zoo barn cat's four new kittens (in addition to a mix of other animals including bunnies, baby goats, a deer and a pig) ...

And we saw one of the several peacocks all fanned out, which was absolutely enthralling ...

The crazy part was that we were hardly settled in before Steve told me he had arranged to go back to Pennsylvania to work, having reached his limit of frustration and micro-managing with his current employer. So Saturday - the next day - would be his last day.


This was not exactly a surprise to me. I knew Steve had been unhappy with some recent developments on this job and I had encouraged him to hang in there as long as he could, which he did. I had also let him know, in essence, that quality of life is far more important than money or location.

Actually I believe my words were, "Whatever you need to do. You're no good to me if you're grumpy and depressed all the time!"

So on Sunday we all headed home. We got to spend some quality time together as a family, and Steve and I had a nice day together today when we took our travel trailer (Steve's home away from home) to the RV dealer to have an awning installed.

Somewhere in the meantime, plans changed from Steve going to PA to Steve heading to West Virginia. That's just how quickly things can change. And that's fine; it's all good. He leaves tomorrow after Sam and Rachel get on the school bus.

Tonight I've been trying to do all the "normal" school night stuff to help the kids get ready for another day while also helping Steve get ready to go, however I can. And it's a beautiful night - crickets chirping, frogs croaking, a cool breeze working on blowing a storm in, and the sky turned a glowing pink/orange as the sun went down. I stopped to admire the color and was surprised by a rainbow painted across the sky in front of our house. I hurried outside to take pictures and I could hardly get the whole expanse of it with my little camera.
This one is my favorite:
 I'll take this as a sign we're going in the right direction.


  1. We LOVE to go camping - - - but we use a pop-up.

    Did those peacocks make that LOUD ahhhhhgh ahhhhhhhgh noise???

  2. Keetha, I think we'd hurt each other in a pop-up. :D But with the amount of time Steve spends in campgrounds, it's good for him to have plenty of space and some of the comforts of home.

    The peacocks didn't make noise while we were around, except when they'd shake and their feathers made a sound like crumpling paper or something. It was really cool!

  3. As you said...sometimes the quality of life is more important than money....I can relate to that by losing one of my classes this summer...but I'm looking forward to the freedom this summer. It's only 8 weeks..then I'll be back to my full load this fall.

    So how long will Steve be in West Virginia?

  4. It's anyone's guess how long he'll be there. Probably as long as they'll let him stay. :)