Friday, January 21, 2011

Bug's Big Day.

I took Ladybug to the groomer today. Mostly to have her nails clipped because she won't sit still for me to do it and I'm always afraid I'll hurt her. And since she was going I figured she might as well get a bath, too.

This was her first trip to a groomer.

Now she smells like almonds and she doesn't have Pterodactyl Toes anymore.

Lookit. Isn't she sweet? I think she's saying "thank you mama for takin' me to the shampoo lady I had so much fun can we go again someday and can I have a treat please?"

It must have been pretty exciting because we haven't been home for long and she's already sacked out on her fluffy bed. Hard work being so cute, I guess.

Happy Friday!

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