Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Off to the races!

OK, these are the last of the pictures I took while we were visiting Pennsylvania last week.

And oh, they are lovely.

I tried to crop out as many rednecks as I could, but it's awfully difficult when the pictures are taken at the dirt track races. This is about as down-home as it gets, and y'all? That's why we love it!

It wasn't until we walked in and sat down that I realized how much I miss watching these races. Steve and I used to go watch some friends race on the dirt track ... oh ... AGES ago, and there is nothing like sitting there under the lights, dirt flying, watching those cars slide around each turn.

It's loud. It's fast. It's dirty. And it's fun. What more could you ask for?

It might as well say "Welcome to The Middle of Nowhere." Seriously.

Rachel's first trip to the races. She loved it. She loved it so much I think I see a Powder Puff driver in our future.

Drive fast, turn left. Rinse. Repeat.

My new favorites: the 4-cylinder class. Cavaliers, Neons, Sunfires. I could totally do that! And they're fun to watch and listen to.

 Best. Slogan. Ever.
If I were a race car driver I would so want this business to be one of my sponsors.

Me and my baby.

I wish I had a good picture of Sammy from that night, but in the only one I have of him he has a mouth full of Sixlets. I didn't post it because I try not to intentionally embarrass him these days, lest bad parental karma come back to bite me.

Oh wait. I have a group shot that includes him but I can't post that until I confirm nobody from our group is in the Witness Protection Program. Don't hold your breath.

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