Monday, April 4, 2011

A poem.

Rain pounds the roof
Like a cadence ushering spring
Thunder booms its voice:
Leave, bitter cold, leave

Thunder booms, rain pounds
Little girl startles awake
Finds her way in the dark
Seeing with fingers outstretched

Mama. Mama?
She shakes with fear
I pull her in as lightning flashes
Her body folds into mine

Like pieces of a puzzle
All in this tiny bed
Lined up daddy, mama, girl
Orange kitty and pink stuffed bunny

Stray hairs tickle my cheek
Hers or mine?
Small fingers take my hand
Breathing slows

I give thanks for the storm
That washes winter away
Crowds this bed
Cleanses my soul

Minutes pass, the storm fades
Hear the quiet? I ask
Yes, she says
Clutching pink stuffed bunny

They leave a space empty, warm
I love you, I say
I love you too, she responds
As she feels her way in the dark

Back to her own space
Her pillow cool now
But safe
Sleep, baby, sleep

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