Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun with fabric.

I have been a pillow-making fool this week.

Yes, excitement abounds in the Pipe Life household. *groan*

Why pillows? Well if you watch any DIY home decorating shows on TV, what do they always use to add "pops of color" or "texture" to a room? Pillows!

I've been slowly-but-surely working on cozying-up a couple spaces in our home and those spaces were begging for more interest. I get a lot of inspiration from fabrics in various colors and patterns, but if I bought enough to make drapes out of all the ones I liked I'd go broke. So rather than just drool over them in the store, I buy a yard or two so I can take the inspiration home and find a way to use it. Pillows are easy to sew, the kids enjoy stuffing them, and I get some added interest in my decor without breaking the bank.

What makes the Sit Here To Take Off Your Shoes chair more appealing?

A pillow!
 Don't you just want to squish your lower back into that cuteness and relax for a sec?

I cannot tell you how much I adore this fabric right now.

 What makes the little conversation corner more inviting?


Oh, and formerly very lodgey-looking red and green plaid cushions recovered in something bold and fun.

Boring, slip-covered couch? *shrug*

Looks much better with pillows!

I made seven pillows - let's call them "custom" because that makes them sound very important - for less than $30. I've looked at pillows in department stores and the ones I like are $15-$30 each. EACH! Seems like I got a pretty good bargain, eh?

I would have given you a how-to play-by-play here but a) I didn't take pictures while I was working, and b) I am not someone you want to take sewing lessons from. I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to sewing. Pillows are easy, though, so if you're considering ideas for sprucing up your place, check out your favorite fabrics shop (or find the fabrics section of Walmart) and be inspired!


  1. Oh, I love the brown/blue combo and the pattern of that fabric. You made me look around and realize I have zero accent pillows in my house. Why? Such a missed opportunity for color. :0) Your house looks great!

  2. Team Keefer left you a comment up there - - - some people call me Keefer!

    I'm glad somebody likes to sew, and does so beautifully - - - 'cause I sure don't!

  3. Your pillows look great! The brown/blue fabric looks like Vera Bradley. Have you considered using drop clothes to make your drapes? That's what I did -- very inexpensive and they look just as good as Pottery Barn!

  4. I LOVE that fabric and the new pillows add such a pop!

  5. Great fabric choices! Want to come over to my house and make a few pillows?