Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A moment to savor.

There are moments, many of them with my children, when I think to myself, "remember this" and try to etch it into my brain as one of those memories I can recall when I need a little lifting up.

One of those occurred last night.

Yesterday was the first day of school for our children. I expected tired kiddos when they got home and the usual homework madness and bedtime struggles. What I got was a relatively smooth evening during which Sam and Rachel did the chores I asked them to do, took care of their school work, helped me make dinner, and prepared for this morning.

The pleasantness of the evening was enough to make me very happy. But my favorite part came just after supper when we were all done eating.

The kids lingered at the table. And they talked to me.

I am so used to them jumping up and clearing their dishes so they can get back to whatever it was they were doing before we sat down together. It felt good to sit and listen to them tell me things they were excited about. To laugh together. To just ... be together. No raised voices, no quarreling. Just a conversation.

Who knew something so simple could feel so good?

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