Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clean Slate Sunday: 9.26.10 edition

Whew. Back in the school routine, back in the quiet Sunday night meditative routine, back to sitting down and making plans for the next few days and trying to get the calendar situated before the week begins.

Steve has been around all weekend and it feels great to have him here. He was able to take Sam out hunting yesterday and today for the special youth hunt weekend. I smiled to myself when Sam came in to kiss me goodbye before heading out to the woods with his daddy Saturday morning. That kid was on Cloud 9. Poor Steve, he can't even get up out of his chair without Sam asking him where he's going. Uhhh, to the bathroom, kid. Just out to the truck to get something. Over here to the kitchen for a beer. 

And Rachel. At church on Sunday mornings we're always asked if anyone has any good news to share during announcements. This morning when that request came Rachel looked up at me and whispered, "Yeah! Daddy's back in Michigan!"

Good news, indeed.

Steve is on standby now. He expects to get a call to go to work before the end of this week. He'll still be working a couple hours away from home, but two hours of driving versus 10 hours of driving to get home is a big difference. Plus, I think just being in the state of Michigan boosts his morale a bit. When he came home from safety orientation Friday he said he has a good feeling about this new job. I like to hear that. I feel ... I don't know ... safe when it's obvious to me that Steve is feeling confident.

So it's been a great weekend topped off by hearing a message at church that really touched my heart. There are Sundays when I feel like the sermon was written just for me, and today was one of them. Today we were reminded of how rich we are, that if we have food and clothing and a roof over our heads, we are rich beyond measure. We were also reminded that it is our duty as Christians to be good stewards of all God has given us, and to use our good fortune to touch the lives of the poor - poor in belongings, poor in health, poor in spirit. We must be willing to identify and acknowledge those people in our lives who need a boost and do something for them.


That seems like a good note to end on tonight.

Have a great week.

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