Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Dang. Has it been only a week since I updated here? It feels like it's been an eternity.

Look what I found! A few pictures from Vacation Bible School that I forgot I had taken.

 Rachel by the "campfire" on our island. The fire isn't real, but it looks pretty cool in the picture, eh?

Pastor Bill giving the Bible story of the day. We totally take over the sanctuary with our decorations, as you can see.

We wore these bracelets all week, reminding us to "Watch for God." Every day the kids reported their "God sightings" to the leaders.

~ ~ ~

Remember when I said August would be a breeze? Well. It's been fun so far, but no less busy than July was.

  • Steve was injured at work. He's fine (really), but it required a drug test per company policy. It also required a tetanus shot and a round of antibiotics. He drug tested on Friday, then decided to come home to wait out the results which typically take two business days. It was nice to have him here, despite the circumstances.
  • When Steve came home he traded trucks with me because his work truck needs some hefty repairs. I am so. sick. of repairing vehicles. Really. 
  • Speaking of repairs, my computer caught a nasty virus a couple days ago. Can anybody tell me what the point of a computer virus is? Why devise a computer virus that completely locks up my computer except to pop up a porn site when my 11-yr-old tries to play a game on-line. Seriously? I hope you're proud of yourself, computerviruswriter. I hope you've gotten your kicks out of that one. Three words: karma's a bitch.
  • My grandmother turned 82 years old on Sunday. I went to see her after church. She no longer drives, but still lives in her house by herself. She watches a lot of Food Network. She told me at her age she's not afraid of dying because she's done everything she's going to do with her life. "Once your partner is gone there's not even anyone to get mad at except the TV," she said. We laughed. My grandfather died eight years ago.
  • I turned 34 on Tuesday. Thirty-four still feels relatively young to me. I read once that we are eternally the age of 25 in our minds. Somehow I don't think my grandma feels 25 anymore. I don't think she has felt 25 for a long, long time. I hope I'll still be changing the world and impacting God's kingdom when I'm 82. 
The rest has been a whirlwind of spending time with friends and family, eating together, drinking together, sharing the bounty of our harvests, splashing in the pool, reading for the pure joy of it, taking long afternoon naps, and counting the weeks until school starts in the fall.

What? Hey, I'm having fun but these kids have been spending an awful lot of time together and at times one would think they were put on this earth to make each other (or me) crazy. I have resorted to forcing them both into the bathroom together, closing the door, and telling them they cannot come out until they've worked out whatever it is they were screaming about.

I've only had to do that once. So far.

Five weeks to go. Tick tock.


  1. I'll tell you Jen...thats the reason I got rid of my facebook account. I never had more viruses than I did when I had that account. Since I've gotten rid of it I've had no problems....

  2. That is a valid point, Bobbi. I have kept my FB account, but I don't use any of the applications anymore, and I rarely click on any links people post. There's so much crap out there, I need to do security scans more often.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was pretty quiet, which was just fine with me. :)