Sunday, August 22, 2010

This is gonna' hurt.

Rachel and I sorted through her closet today to eliminate the too-small clothes and assess what she'll need for school this fall.

She has nothing left in her closet.

Well. Nearly nothing.

There are a bunch of socks which she says are also too small. I guess we'll find out how many actually fit her when she trades her flip-flops for socks and shoes again.

And there are a couple of hoodie sweatshirts and a stack of pajama bottoms and old t-shirts that she wears to bed.

One long-sleeved shirt.

One sun dress. Two other dresses too frilly to wear to school.

This back-to-school shopping trip has the potential to put the hurt on the pocketbook.

Tomorrow I'll help Sam sort through his clothes, and I'm pretty sure he'll have much the same result as Rachel did. To add to the pain, I already know we will be shopping in the men's section for Sam, which is generally more costly than the boys' section.

I predict an interesting exercise in budgeting and determining wants versus needs as this is the first year I am considering giving each child a portion of their allotted clothing fund to spend however they choose.

Let's hope some of the thriftiness I've modeled for them pays off.

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  1. I feel your pain! I had to buy Ethan size 30/32 jeans and pants - so far I lucked up on some that were clearance at Old Navy, but I still need to buy a lot. I am waiting a little while - he can wear shorts until Oct, and he may grow by then!