Thursday, July 8, 2010

Holy heatwave!

Baby, it's HOT outside.

And humid.

It's the kind of heat that makes my little girl's ringlet curls come back. Which is sort of cute because I miss those ringlets. But that's about the only fun thing about this heat. Otherwise, I am not a fan.

I've gotten much more tolerant of the heat as I've gotten older. Not that I'm old. But I remember when I was a kid and my grandfather painted a green mark at the 80-degree point on his outdoor thermometer. That's when he considered it comfortable.

I thought he was crazy.

Now I think 80 degrees isn't so bad. Except for on days like today when it's been pushing 90 and humid all week and the weatherman says "this heatwave is going to break on Thursday" so you wait with some serious anticipation for Thursday and Thursday comes and it's 78 and still humid and you'd swear it feels like it's 103.

This heat makes me cranky.

Or is it the humidity?


Thank God for air conditioning.

And pools.

And margaritas.

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