Thursday, July 1, 2010

The deck: before and after.


Beginning deconstruction.
Goodbye ugly old railing!

New surface, new steps.
Building stairs leading to an uneven surface? That was interesting.


I'll have to sweet-talk my husband into removing the very big, very heavy chunk of old concrete that used to sit at the bottom of the old steps (seen on the right in the picture above). Also, at some point this summer I will add hand rails in those front corners. And eventually, someday, hopefully (please! please! please!) we will fill in the yard with some black dirt and plant new grass seed. Baby steps! For now I am more than happy with how this turned out and I have already enjoyed sitting out there and watching the kids play in the yard (now that the railing doesn't block my view from the deck).

Oh! And enough of the old lumber was decent enough to save and cut down to build a small porch outside one of the back doors. 

Maybe in a few weeks.

Like, after I've recovered from this venture. 


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