Tuesday, June 10, 2014

School's out ... hello, summer!

One of my friends posted on Facebook the other day that she already wondered where summer had gone and it hadn't even started yet. That describes my feelings perfectly.

And I felt the same way last year - that there were so many things scratched down in the little squares on my calendar, the carefree days of summer would be gone before I had a chance to enjoy them. That's one of the bummers of having a spouse/parent who works away from home. Steve is as involved as he can be, communicating with all of us via phone and text, and making the trip home as often as possible. But he's not here to help with all the little things on a daily basis - the running around, attending activities, making a thousand and one decisions every day, and things as simple as cleaning up the kitchen after supper.

Some days I just need to tag out and let my partner be in charge. But that's not an option here, so I go for the next best option: I take some time for myself to recharge and then dive right back into the fray.

Today was the last day of school for our kids. It was mere hours after we got home that I started getting the questions about when friends could come over or when I could take them to go and do. I'm glad my children have such active social lives, but sheesh! A few minutes of downtime is ok, too. Alas, Rachel has already made plans for the weekend.

I have weekend plans myself. I'm taking a road trip, flying solo to West Virginia to spend a couple days with Steve. He'll be working but that's OK with me. I plan to sleep, read, enjoy the silence during the day and enjoy his company in the evenings. This is one of the benefits of having a spouse who works away from home: there is always someplace to take a little getaway. I can't even tell you how much I am looking forward to it. Every minute, from driving by myself to sleeping next to my husband to doing absolutely nothing for at least two full days ... I can't wait!

Let another busy, fun-filled summer begin!

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